About Weed and Feed Lawn Care

Our Mission Statement

“To provide our customers with superior service at fair prices from someone whom they can trust.”

Company History

Weed and Feed Lawn Care was started in 1969 by Steve VanNoord.  At the age of 14, Steve started mowing lawns of duplexes that his father and brother had built.

Steve with granular spreader

In the 90's, granular spreaders became popular

From word of mouth and a small ad in the Grand Rapids Press, his business expanded from duplexes to churches, apartments, and residential homes; including the home of Steelcases’s CEO.  During high school and while attending Calvin College, Steve continued to develop his mowing business by adding accounts and hiring employees.

In 1975, Steve began to offer snowplowing to his customers. weed and Feed became a full maintenance company that did mowing, plowing, fertilizing and weed control, bush trimming, and light landscaping.

Steve with 1st liquid pumper truck

Weed and Feeds first 750 gallon tank truck

In the early 80′s, large national companies began to sell lawn ferilizing and weed control in West Michigan.  Steve saw that their high pressure sales tactics and poor performance was creating and opportunity for a company with integrity and personal service.

Steve riding the turf tracker

One of the first machines to apply granular fertilizer and liquid weed control at the same time

In the last 20 years, Weed and Feed has evolved into a full service turf business.  Snowplowing and landscaping have been replaced by many other services such as aeration, grub control, and bee & spider control.

Recently, Weed and Feed has welcomed Matt, Steve’s son, as a new addition to the management team.  Matt graduated from Calvin College with a business degree and has worked hard to upgrade technology in the office as well as contributing to the day to day operations of Weed and Feed.

Steve and Matt with Weed and Feed Lawn Care Truck

"Ready to help with your Lawn Care needs - Steve & Matt"


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