Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control

Our Lawn Care Program provides the proper blend of nutrients to provide a green, lush, and thick lawn all season long.  This program includes a balanced, non-burning lawn fertilization and liquid weed control.  We also use an environmentally-friendly, non-phosphorous fertilizer to protect nearby rivers, lakes, and streams.

Lawn fertilization and Weed Control Service - Client example

Lawn Fertilization

The fertilizer we apply is a unique blend of organic and synthetic fertilizer.  This provides your lawn with iron which gives the grass a rich, dark green color but without excessive growth.  It also releases slowly and feeds the lawn not by feeding the plants, but by enriching in soil.

Don’t forget to perform annual tree and shrub feeding as they have needs just like your lawn.

Lawn Weed Control

Here at Weed & Feed Lawn Care, we are known for our excellent weed control.  We kill weeds all day, every day, and we are very good at it.

Lawn fertilization and weed control are just part of our complete lawn care services.  Make sure to check out our insect control and merit grub control to keep pests from destroying all the progress you’ve made with the lawn.

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