Tree & Shrub Fertilization

Tree - Shrub Feeding Fertilization service in Grand Rapids MI

Feed your trees and shrubs for strong healthy growth

We all know that it’s a great idea to fertilize your lawn, but it is equally important to fertilize your small trees, shrubs and ground cover.  We offer this tree and shrub feeding service once a year in the fall.  We use a unique, nutrient-balanced, tree fertilizer that is low in sodium to promote the correct chemical balance of your landscaping.  Our tree and shrub fertilization formula is packed with iron, copper, sulfur, manganese and zinc; all the elements necessary for proper tree and shrub care.  This feeding helps your trees and shrubs maintain strong, healthy foliage and vigorous root development.

Lush, green lawns look great, but when complemented by healthy and vibrant trees and shrubs, it makes it look even better.  Check out our other lawn care services to round out a beautiful yard and pest free home.

Contact us today and give your landscaping the boost it needs to look full and beautiful, and withstand the harsh elements.

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